Manyo Junior High School

    ZIP Code  915-0014

    Nishio-cho 48-18, Echizen City, Fukui-ken, Japan  

    TEL 0778-27-1258  FAX 0778-27-1060

    310 students,  14 Classes,  30 Staff (as of June 1)


  The outside triangle stands for the three districts of the three elementary schools.

  The symbol of infinity intertwound with the triangle is designed , wishing for the three districts to continue to develop peacefully and infinitely.


  The shape of the pen tip stands for the pursuit of the truth and scholarship, expressing the flight extending infinitely toward a lofty ideal.

  The color white of the stainless metal stands for junior high school students vigorous brilliance and the splayed-out triangle stands for the three school districts, wishing for them to develop by working hard together and supporting each other.

 Time Schedule 





Morning Activity


Morning Homeroom


  1st period


  2nd period


  3rd period


  4th period


Lunch Time 




  5th period


  6th period


Cleaning Time


Afternoon Homeroom


Club activities


School Subjects

    We have 9 subjects; Japanese, social studies, math, science, English, music, fine arts, P.E., industrial arts and homemaking. We also have elective classes in the 8th and 9th grade.

Lunch Time

    We eat lunch in the Fureai Room (Lunch Room). The Lunch Room is very big. Half of the students (about 250) can eat lunch in it.  We can eat a school lunch for 250 yen.  It is cheap and delicious. We can choose one from among 4 menus, A,B,C,D. It is fun for us to choose the menu. Students look very happy.  Lunch makes us happy. It is warmer than home lunches. We can have a lot of nutritious food.


    We have 20 minutes of break time. After lunch, in the school gym, we can play basketball, volleyball and so on. We look forward to having fun there after lunch. When it is sunny, some students go out to the school ground to play soccer, baseball and so on.

Club Activities

   There are many clubs in our school. Everyone who joins club activities practices very hard. We succeed and get prizes. There are a lot of nice things when students join club activities.

   Clubs: Baseball, Soccer, Soft tennis (Boys and Girls), Track & Field, Basketball for Boys, Volleyball for Girls, Badminton for Girls, Brass Band, Information, JRC.

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The Derivation of the School Name

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